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 How Does Your Story End?

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PostSubject: How Does Your Story End?   Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:28 am

How does the story of your character end in GW1? I joined a group in the GW2 Guru Forums, specifically for those people who started in GW1 and this was a question asked of the members of the community, so it had me thinking.

Tashiro Kurosawa -- nobody knows where he went, he just disappeared one day as was his normal routine... and never came back. There are those who say they've heard him, deep in the south of Kryta, but such sightings are few and far between, and with each 'encounter' it seems less and less likely. The truth is, however, he never died.

Late in life, Tashiro felt the call to go south. Drawn by something he could not understand, he ventured deep into the jungles of Kryta, down past Vlox's Falls, until he reached Arbor Bay. There, he found a pale tree, one he had passed a number of times during his journeys, and the way the sun glittered against it brought him a feeling of tranquillity. As the years passed, he patrolled the region, keeping the krait at bay, and ensuring the sanctity of the region. His companion remained by his side for the first few years, but after almost a decade, it was time for Strider to move on, and his stalker left him, wandering off into the wilderness, leaving him alone with his thoughts.

Tashiro did not mind. He felt the call of the wilderness, the feeling of peace and the harmony he felt with nature soothed him. He would often meditate, slipping into a half-state between wakefulness and slumber, before once again doing his patrols. It was only after a few decades had passed that he realised that during one of his meditations he had left his body behind. Instead, his luminescent skin and altered form brought him understanding -- he had transformed, becoming a part of nature. He was like the druids who rested within the deep jungles and forests of Kryta.

This realization brought with it a deep sense of satisfaction, and when the first sylvari awoke, he watched them, fascinated by these new beings who had entered the world. Silently, he thanked Melandru for allowing him the opportunity to see them born.
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PostSubject: Re: How Does Your Story End?   Wed Jan 12, 2011 4:08 pm

There was also a thread on this in the general forum. Pasting responses I made there:

I really want to know more lore surrounding Evennia and Ebonhawke before I think much of "post-GW Beyond" years.

With Kryta unified, the Ebon Vanguard recalled and Ascalon lost, ranger Orian ultimately finds her way to Durmand Priory to live out her sunset years amongst scholars, trying to learn everything she can, yet also giving exact accounts of her years of experience and knowledge.

Also, she dresses all her old pets up and has them perform Vaudeville.

RE: Is your future GW2 character a direct descendant of yours from GW1?

This is interesting for me, because I don't think the inter-species breeding discussion is settled. How would a charr be a descendant of a human? Or asura? Sylvari would require a lot of explanation, I'm not sure if that works either.

Personally, that I will be going norn, I'm thinking that my character will stumble across GW1 Orian's legacy in a hunt. She'll uncover an artifact, take it to Durmand Priory (long before GW2 begins) and learn all of the deeds and legendary feats. She comes to respect this ancient human champion, learning secrets of her craft and through her legacy, sort of carries it on in spirit. Orian worked with Bear to restore Jora's homeland and respected this animal the most, and it's what my norn will choose for an animal totem.

Unless others are cooler. >_>
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How Does Your Story End?
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