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 Canthan New Year Festival!

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PostSubject: Canthan New Year Festival!   Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:34 pm

We're at that time of year again! The Ether Bunny's coming and if you want one, you should get involved!

Things to Do!
1) Nine Rings! Buy your tickets (15 g each) and stand in the nine rings, to raise your Lucky / Unlucky Score! Middle Ring gives most Lucky, but gives least reward. Side Middle Rings give average Lucky / Unlucky, and better reward for success. Corner Rings give huge rewards for success, but really increase your Unlucky Scores.

2) New Year Quests! Get lunar tokens! Groan at bad jokes! Give tokens to Shifter! These tokens are used for when Shifter does Rock / Paper / Scissors, and will help us get the packages which will let us get our Celestial Rabbits.

3) Sunday! The Finale! Come to the finale, get your hands on fireworks, and on Celestial Summons, and your Canthan Mask! :>
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Canthan New Year Festival!
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