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 And now, The List

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PostSubject: And now, The List   Sun Nov 29, 2009 2:14 am

I keep mentioning this in play, whenever I note that a specific thing is dropping in a given zone. So here it is! If you find this stuff in your travels, please keep any you don't need and hand them to Shifter Smile


Ascalon City
Ornate Grawl Necklace
Charr Carving
Singed Gargoyle Skull
Stormy Eye

Lion's Arch
Caromi Tengu Scalp
Shadowy Remnant
Hardened Hump
Decayed Orr Emblem

Droknar's Forge
Frigid Heart
Dredge Manifesto
Stone Summit Badge
Frozen Remnant

Sentient Root (not Sentient Seeds!)
Copper Shilling
Silver Bullion Coin
Juvenile Termite Leg -- Two needed for the Belt Pouch quest

Eye of the North
Superb Charr Carving
Jotun Pelt
Destroyer Core

Halloween specific
Lion's Arch
Glowing Heart

Fledgeling Skree Wing
Mandragor Carapace
Chunk of Drake Flesh -- Also makes Drake Kabob, which is needed for Feast of Bokka

Cantha New Year
For the chefs:

Iridescent Griffon Wing
Tangled Seed
Fiery Crest
Smoking Remains

Alpine Seed
Guardian Moss
Celestial Essence
Dragon Root

Archaic Kappa Shell
Mantis Pincer
Kraken Eye
Naga Hide

Igneous Spider Leg
Ebon Spider Leg
Bonesnap Shell
Azure Crest
Unctuous Remains

Ebon spider Web
Half-Eaten Blob
Azure Remains
Icy Lodestone
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And now, The List
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