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 What's in a Name?

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PostSubject: What's in a Name?   Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:57 pm

I thought I'd mention why I named some of the characters the way I did, and I'm wondering at the names chosen by other people in the guild. :>

Kwaidan Saotome is named after my first online persona. (proper would be Saotome Kwaidan). In my first time playing online, Kwaidan was a kitsune (Japanese fox spirit) who is the sister of my brother's character, Kurosawa Tashiro. Since he was running around in GW as Tashiro Kurosawa, I felt it best to make his sister to pester him with. ;> I made her a Necromancer because she was supposed to be a 'dark' personality.

Oyuki Saotome was named for another online game I played, called Final Fantasy Dark Ages. Oyuki itself was borrowed from L5R - Legend of the Five Rings, a tabletop game I played, but the actual 'Oyuki Saotome' was a priest and assassin in online play. For GW, though, I didn't think I'd do well with Mo/A.. but Mesmer fit for my L5R concept, and a Me/Mo worked very well. In FFDA, she was an onmyoji (White Mage - Yin/Yang Mage from Final Fantasy Tactics) which meant throwing around a lot of buffs and debuffs, so it seemed to fit. I buff the party, then throw nukes. ;>

Amanda Dalton was named for another online game I played (sense a theme?). Originally, she was the adopted daughter of Kwaidan (not the one mentioned above, but a mage with the same name) and Kayla Dalton. Then I played a concept using that name in another online community, and got a kick out of it. There, she is a strong, dominant sort who kind of overwhelms people with her force of personality. Mesmer was the perfect choice for her in GW. You won't see her much since I keep her in Pre-Searing to help people there.

Azura Woods was added for Nightfall, and follows the theme set up by Kyle's player. Kyle Woods is the husband of Azura Woods in an online game, and I thought it would be nifty to add her to the mix. In that continuity, Azura is a dragon, and the founder of a path of magic. Moving her into Nightfall, I wasn't sure what I'd do. I'd considered Elementalist for her and throw down the lightning, but that didn't seem to fit her bearing. Paragon was something I'd not fiddled with, though, and I thought I'd give it a shot, picking up from Jerec's role in Prophesies. It took me a little bit to get into her, admittedly, and my brother helped me choose a proper build for her.

Sandra Darkblade is someone you might not see often, though I'm thinking of using her for GWEN, I don't know yet. She's a warrior, and was an old, old character shared by my brother and I from our D&D days. She was a cursed warrior, and kind of fun to play. I brought her to GW because I wanted to do a warrior type, and I'd seen this one suit of AMAZING armour that I had to have for a character. Sunspear plate, head-to-toe, which looks awesome. I've not done much with Sandra, though, because I'm not familiar with warrior builds.
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PostSubject: Re: What's in a Name?   Fri Jan 08, 2010 3:02 am

How did this topic get through my radar? I swear I replied to it a long time ago. None of my characters really have any interesting name stories, but I'll share anyway (and you'll listen and like it!).

Way back when, as I was making my very first trial GW character, I was stuck on a name. I wanted something that sounded a little bit European (meaning mostly having a bit of an English flavor) and a lot, er, Romanticized fantasy. I had recently finished reading His Dark Materials and couldn't for the life of me forget a character named Farder Coram. That is how my surname came to be.

As for first names... well, there's even less of a story there. Morin was my first post-trial character, created in Nightfall. I knew that I wanted a Necro, and I wanted her to have a dark and almost evil, yet sort of feminine name.

I thought of Corin while I was driving home from work one day, the day I was expecting Prophecies to arrive in the mail. I knew that I wanted a mesmerizing Mesmer, and Corin seemed to fit. I found it quite charming and not too childish. And, really, I think it's a pretty name.

Ronin and Nerin, my Canthan ranger and warrior, were pretty much random letters that I threw together in a way that made sense at the time. On an aside, "Ro" is an actual nickname I picked up in college. My roommate and I called each other "Roo" (short for "Roomie"), but the poor dear couldn't spell her way out of a wet paper bag. And it stuck.

Lera, in my opinion, just sounded really pretty. And I wanted at least one character that didn't follow my normal consonant + vowel + R + vowel + N pattern. Lera is rarely seen anymore and serves no real purpose.

Kian, my Nightfally Dervish, was another almost random smattering of letters. Orian suggested starting with K when I was stuck on names. It fits, I think.

Auryon is my most recent character and, right now, the most exciting. I was stuck on names, so Google helped me. I saw that "Auryon" was first used as a female version of "Orion" and figured that I absolutely needed to use it because it sounds a LOT like "Orian."

Serena Sangris is my perma-Pre and the only non Fah character I have at this point. I was making another Necker and wanted something that sounded (again) dark and kind of mysterious. Serena (a la Serena from the Underworld movies) seemed to fit. I actually didn't choose Sangria because of the drink. You probably know that the Spanish word for blood is "sangre"... so I threw in "gris" (gray) to change it up a bit. This is probably my favorite name evar.
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What's in a Name?
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