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 Favorite Skillz

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PostSubject: Favorite Skillz   Fri Dec 04, 2009 12:41 pm

A few of the skills that have caught my attention as neat, surprisingly effective, or just get used quite often by me. I won't list Elites or PVE-only skills (those you can only have three of on your bar) here because those are by definition superior to other skills and it's very easy to think of them as awesome. I'm also limiting my choices to one per profession, because I feel like it Smile

Spear Swipe
A Leadership skill, Spear Attack that inflicts Daze condition at melee range. Daze is easily the most devastating condition one can inflict on spellcasters, making them take twice as long to cast spells and any damage they take while spellcasting interrupts them. While Paragons usually like to stay away from enemies, this skill can mean the difference between a long fight and a quick victory.

From the Earth Magic line, this has packed in it an AoE, Damage-per-second, and extended Blindness. It has a high cost and a long casting time to balance these, but it's rare that I don't consider it on any earth Elementalist.

Though my Mesmering experience is very limited (I'm not very good with interrupts) this skill's style appeals to me and makes me want to make an energy denial mesmer. Maybe if I were better with interrupt skills I would do this Smile

Bane Signet
Signets appeal to me in general. Having no energy cost is a large part of why I like them, which means that even if whatever you're targeting with them dies mid-cast, there is nothing wasted at all. Bane Signet gives us both damage (holy, which very few things have armor against) and on attacking targets, knockdown.

Vampiric Swarm
I like this one because of the ranged life stealing effect in succession, letting the necromancer stay alive longer to do mean things to everything they don't like. I rarely use it, but the idea of it seems nifty.

Gaze of Fury
Hands-down, my favorite Ritualist skill. It can be used on your own or enemy spirits, replacing them with one of your own that shoots things.

Whirling Defense
It's hard for me to think of a favorite Ranger skill. I have limited experience with them but I see the potential. Being experienced with Warrior more than any other profession, I turn to Stances as something I understand with great ease. This one provides defense, damage, and doesn't have any "ends if you do something" conditions. It has a longer recharge than most, but that doesn't make it at all bad.

Rending Touch
It took a long time for me to start learning the Dervish ways. I found them difficult to grasp conceptually and the idea of one's enchantments being removed as a good thing was strange and alien. Rending Touch makes one of your own enchantments stop, which triggers any "when this ends" effects on them along with the Mysticism benefit, but it also removes any enchantment on the target. Better yet, you don't need to be enchanted for it to work. Smile

Scorpion Wire
This skill is just fun to think about. When you get a certain distance from your hexed target, they become knocked down and you shadow-step to their location. I have yet to come up with a way to use this effectively, but it just seems like it would be fun to use.

Protector's Defense
I have been playing Warrior since my start in Guild Wars. While I have not yet tried every skill in the Warrior's arsenal, I have come to know and respect a great number of them. This one is recent, and it has two incredibly strong effects. Firstly, the Blocking. 75% chance means most of the attacks coming your way will be halted. Any time you send a physical attacker after a Kournan Bowman you will know how bothersome a 75% block rate can be. Secondly, this blocking effect extends to everyone adjacent to you. Meaning a warrior with this can stand among a group of spellcasters and keep them all from being smashed to pieces. It ends if you move, so be sure that you either use a Ranged weapon while you attack or simply don't attack. It's in the Tactics line, so any profession can make use of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Skillz   Thu Dec 17, 2009 3:24 am

Aneurysm is one of the skills I was most excited about learning, but have yet to work into a suitable build.

I'll list mine, too, but only from the professions I know the best.

Mesmer: Frustration, I think. When I go for caster shut-down through interrupts, I always have this (and usually Arcane Conundrum) on my bar. Not only is it helpful for interrupts, but it also does a teensy bit more damage. While not usually needed, I like to use it on Elementalists. It makes me feel evil. On a side note, Illusion is probably my favorite attribute right now. So many powerful skills...

Ranger: I will say... Comfort Animal. No, Zojun's Shot, as well as its twin. Don't ask why, I just like it.

Necker: I like Well of Blood, even though I never use it.

I'm going to break rank and list my favorite PvE skill. It is Necrosis.
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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Skillz   Thu Dec 17, 2009 2:34 pm

I like Necrosis a lot, too, iFah. It's just so easy to use and ignores armor.

Oh, yeah, normal skills. Ok, I'm just going to pick one from each profession I play. Or else I could go on forever >_>

Needling Shot
Words cannot express how awesome this skill is until you play a spike Ranger. The skill does armor ignoring damage, and has an instant recharge if target foe <50% HP. It also has a very low recoil, meaning it actually fires faster than your normal attacks. In a nutshell, you can do about 40-80 damage per second by spamming it, depending on supporting skills to increase damage.

Insidious Parasite
Another armor-ignoring skill, it speaks for itself. Things die, you don't.

Armor of Sanctity (paired with Conviction)
I don't know a simpler way to keep a Derv alive. AoS weakens all attackers, which immediately satisfies the damage reduction on the skill. Practically joined at the hip on my skill bar is Conviction, which throws armor and block rate on top of it (sorry, armour Wink ). Yes I know it's not something cool that kills stuff, but it just gets me all bouncy to be untouchable in Goddess form, you almost feel like one.

Gaze of Fury
This skill is just pure evil. Indeed it may not be *as* evil as Signet of Binding, which steals a spirit, but hear me out. Rangers' nature rituals aren't always useful, so you can blow them up and turn it into a turret to create awesomastic chaos (yes I made that word up).

It's like a ticking time bomb. The only problem is that it only affects offensive spells, so you can't use it on an annoying healer. Still, it's so funny to run up to a mob and use this.

I was going to pick something Smitey, but none of those compare to how awesome this skill is. It's self-explanatory, and if I go monkey I never leave home with it.

I think that's enough for now. I don't really play the other professions anymore, but the list could go on and on until the Charr and Gwen dance together! bounce
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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Skillz   

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Favorite Skillz
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