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PostSubject: ~Pronouns~   Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:16 am

What's in a word?

Mostly letters, sounds sometimes, a sprinkling of syllables.

Now that we've gotten that question out of the way...

Words I can find fun ways to say based on spelling:

Chaos. Most think "Kay-oss". I think "Cowss". With the long S.
Coworker: Without a hyphen. Most think "Co-worker" with the hyphen. I think "Cow-orker" also with hyphen, but better placed.
Charon: I think he helped people cross the river styx, or maybe still does. Debate rose up one day about how to say his name. "Care-on"? "Char-on"? I say "Rick". There is never a debate about how to say Rick among those who say it.
Biscuit, Bicycle: Why the Bi in these two words is spoken so distinctly from each other is unknown to me. Though I have not before, I am now going to start say ing 'biss-ickle' to be in line with 'biss-kit'. The U is silent for some unknown reason. So maybe 'biss-kew-it' would be better.
Detonate: Dee-Tonate. I'm not sure what tonate would entail, but maybe something to do with colorations. Or implosions. Plosion means "to change shape", I think.
Demonstrate: Can't spell Demonstrate without Demon. And lo, I think demon with straight.

Fun words:

Abscond: I don't make a different way to say it. I just like the word. It's what ferrets do with objects you set down and leave for more than ten seconds. A verb by itself, but often used alongside "with". Orian absconded with my brain.
Reverb: To do again.
Bricklayer: A surprised chicken.
Summary: Opposite of Nunnery
Retaliate: To count again.
Disorganize: Perform an autopsy.
Congress: Opposite of Progress

Pro vs Con: If a word starts with Pro or Con, it can often also start with the other. Profession, Prostitution, Protest, Procept, Profound.. I can't think of any more.

Why does the first portion of Autopsy mean "self"?
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