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 I can has meme noaw?

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PostSubject: I can has meme noaw?   Sat Feb 06, 2010 8:13 pm

This is my foxxy thread. Unrelated to our resident kitsune. Today's topic is the meme.

meme (n.) meh-m (NOT mee-m, that is the lamer way to say it)

1. Something viral that is exploited, for the lulz.
2. A random discovery on the internet that is funny when you combine it with other things.
3. A type of drink I have yet to invent.

I am a memist. I follow them and they make me lulz. My avatar here is the long overdone 'lol cat'. I kinda am tired of these, because it went superultramega 1000x platinum on the charts and it's been done to death. However mine is actually funny, because it's true, instead of the lame "Basement cat" (just a black cat with nothing interesting about it).

Here are some of my favorite memes. Let me show you themz.

Reaction Guys (image): I don't know where this came from, but it's two pictures of a group of guys. In one, they seem uninterested, in another they are going crazy with excitement. All it takes it a little imagination, and you can see where it goes.

The Balls Are Inert (video): I am not really into anime. Like, at all. But this video had me lolling until it hurt.

Socially Awkward Penguin (images): Moments we all have, now in a meme with a penguin.

Philosoraptor (image): Similar to SAP, but a raptor that really makes us think, and lulz out loud.

All of these, and a killian more (yes, killian is a value now) can be found at Internet Meme Database.

I also know all of iFah's favourite memes. If she doesn't get back sooun, like at all, I'm pousting them!
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I can has meme noaw?
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