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 What is your story? (Fun)

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PostSubject: What is your story? (Fun)   Tue Mar 09, 2010 1:26 am

You wake up one day, but you are not in bed. Instead, you wonder if you are, in fact, still dreaming. You float comfortably, staring at stone tablets with markings that look familiar. They are rune symbols. Where did you see them before? One is yellow, one is green, one is purple, and so on. They appear to be raised, you could push one into the wall they appear in front of. However, you get the feeling that it will be an indelible decision. What do you do?

You are to join Guild Wars, like it or not, and you only get one set of choices. Do you live your dream life, or consider carefully and make yourself most suited to survive? You will host a new body that is fully adapted to your choices, only your memories and experiences will be combined to bring you into your new world as the projection of life in Tyria, Cantha or Elona. Bear in mind you will eat, sleep and live as you decide, and you cannot make changes once you enter.

[Age]--(CAN be any!)
[Native Lands]
[Job]--(Educational, Producer, Mercenary, Government, etc.)
[Nobility/Class]--(Lower Class up to Noble)
[Alignment]--(See here)

[Profession]--(Secondary, optional)
[Mastered Attribute(s)]
[Elite Skill]--(One choice allowed. Could not change once set.)
[Trademark Skills]--(Optional, would be changeable.)
[Resistance]--(e.g. Hex, Conditions, All Elemental Damage (weak) One Element (strong), Physical Damage, etc. Limit 1.)
[Weakness]--(same as above)

[Armor]--(Normal/Elite, name, dye)
[Weapon]--(1-hand, 2-hand, plus skins)

Bio (Optional)
[Childhood]--(Traditional home, Vagrant, Adopted, Master/Student, etc.)
[Personality]--(Peacemaker, Intellectual, Heretic, Rogue, Honorable, etc.)
[Skills/Traits]--(Animal Lover, Technology Tinkerer, Writer, Hunter, Leadership, etc.)
[Life Story]--(Paragraph or longer detail.)

If I missed anything, feel free to expand on your own! You also don't have to follow my exact suggestions or format. Just ask yourself the question: What would your story be? bounce
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PostSubject: Re: What is your story? (Fun)   Tue Mar 09, 2010 2:13 am

Native Land: Ascalon, Tyria.
Job: Graduate Student
Nobility: None
Class: Middle
Notoriety: Average, well-respected.
Alignment: Neutral Good

Profession: Elementalist
Secondary: Monk
Mastered Attribute(s): Water Magic, Smiting Prayers
Elite Skill: Mist Form
Trademark Skills: Armor of Mist, Ice Spikes, Spear of Light, Reversal of Damage
Resistance: Cold Damage (strong)
Weakness: Hexes

Armor: Elite Ancient (imported from Elona, of course!) dyed ice blue with subtle snow-white trim.
Weapon: Ghostly Staff

Bio (Optional)
Childhood: Nuclear family, left at early age to train as student of magics (No Harry Potter references! study).
Personality: Compassionate
Skills/Traits: Survival skills, Understanding/Fascination with Asuran magic and technology.
Life Story: n/a or I'll think of something Shocked

If I missed anything, feel free to expand on your own! You also don't have to follow my exact suggestions or format. Just ask yourself the question: What would your story be? bounce
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PostSubject: Re: What is your story? (Fun)   Tue Mar 09, 2010 3:34 am

[Native Lands]--Cantha (Shing Jea Island)
[Job]--Animal Trainer for the Zaishen Menagerie
[Nobility/Class]--Middle Class
[Notoriety]--Low (I train animals)
[Alignment]--Neutral Good

[Mastered Attribute(s)]
[Elite Skill]--Heal As One
[Trademark Skills]--A blend of animal buffs and people buffs, plus volley.
[Resistance]--Physical Damage -- Bond with Animal (Increased Armour via Animal being Alive)
[Weakness]--Dead Pet = Vulnerable

[Armor]--Elite Canthan
[Weapon]--Zealous Bow with Health

Bio (Optional)
[Childhood]--Orphaned and raised at Shing Jea Temple
[Personality]--Honourable, Friendly. A touch strange... poor sense of direction. o.O
[Skills/Traits]--Animal lover, a bit of a writer.
[Life Story]--An orphan, found and raised in the Shing Jea temples, found a natural affinity for animals. Became a ranger, and worked at the zoo found in the Shing Jea Islands. Showed some promise with it, and was picked up by the Zaishen to travel across Tyria (the world) to find strange and exotic animals to bring to their menagerie, helping to preserve species both common and rare.
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PostSubject: Re: What is your story? (Fun)   Wed Mar 10, 2010 11:55 am

GREAT TOPIC, ORIAN! This was fun! I wrote this in first-person, though (of course) the details are not at all similar to my real-world self.

[Native Lands]--Native Ascalonian, but has seen much of the world.
[Job]--"Student of the World"... meaning I don't do a whole lot.
[Nobility/Class]--Lowish middle class.
[Notoriety]--Middlish, depending on who you ask.
[Alignment]--Chaotic good.

[Profession]--Depends on the situation, but tending toward Necro.
[Mastered Attribute]--Illusion Magic, but also fairly advanced in Domination. Particular interest in Death Magic as well, but not enough to say "master of" yet. Sub-novice in most others, but not afraid to pull them out. In general: jack of all trades, master of very few.
[Elite Skill]--Fevered Dreams.
[Trademark Skills]--Aneurysm. Larceny. Confusing Images. Hypochondria.
[Resistance]--Physical damage, due to my ability to draw on others' strengths and turn them against them.
[Weakness]--Hexes, elemental spells...

[Armor]--Elite Rogue Armor dyed deep purple. Just like Corin wears anyway!
[Weapon]--Really depends on the situation. Tend for two-handed staves (better for poking) but without much preference for skin. I'd use a plain twig if I could.

[Childhood]--Fell out of traditional instruction. Major falling out with parents and stuff. Etc.
[Personality]--I will say Honorable Rogue, meaning that if there are injustices being done, I'll work to fix them. Think sort of like Robin hood. Unwilling to admit when I need help.
[Skills/Traits]--Independent, yet in need of support. Good people skills. A pro at infiltrating the enemy's ranks.
[Life Story]--I grew up in the idyllic countryside of Ascalon, beginning my magic education at a fairly early age. As I entered my teens, I began to improve much more quickly than my classmates, which led to a nasty altercation with the Master who led the class. Long story short, I completely dropped out and severed ties with that school, which created problems with my parents. I left at 16, eventually finding my way to Lion's Arch, which further led me to glorious Elona and Cantha. My heart belongs in the golden fields of Ascalon, though, and I always return. For the last three years, I've lived alone, supporting myself by whatever means seem best at the time. I have run into a few unfavorable characters, though, and kicked their butt. Surprisingly. Naivety is my forte, but I always get myself out of scrapes.

I hate bios. And I don't like 'splaining the awesome idea of my character that I have in my head :/
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PostSubject: Re: What is your story? (Fun)   Fri Mar 12, 2010 11:06 pm

[Job]--Unemployed/Living in the Wild

[Mastered Attribute(s)] Marksmanship, Death Magic
[Elite Skill]--Barrage
[Trademark Skills]--Lightning Reflexes, Animate Shambling Horror
[Resistance]--Nothing Exceptional

[Armor]--Prophecies Elite Druid, Green
[Weapon]--Bow, Scythe

Bio (Optional)
[Childhood]--Vagrant, learned to survive on her own.
[Personality]--Very much a rogue, the only thing to count on is yourself and your ability to survive.
[Skills/Traits]--A skilled marksman as a result of hunting for survival. She has very little literacy and is not a great leader due to her living alone most of her life.
[Life Story]--Maybe later...
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PostSubject: Re: What is your story? (Fun)   

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What is your story? (Fun)
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