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 Easier Balthazar Faction

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PostSubject: Easier Balthazar Faction   Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:23 pm

Posting this here instead of the Builds section because it's locked down to only allow Administrators to post (Admins can move this thread if needed).

Problem: We all know that the Balthazar Training arena allows up to 2k faction per 24 hours, and that PvP such as Jade Quarry and the like has no limit but you have to wait a while (and have no guarantees of getting much if your team sucks).

Solution: The Zaishen Elite. Limit: 6k Balthazar per 24 hours.

What is it?

It's similar to the Training Arena in that your team squares off against NPCs. The difference is they are built differently, and come in a variety of forms. The rounds are limitless, and scale up in difficulty as you progress. More enemies mean more faction, faster.

Well hot dang, sign me up?

Not so fast! It's Elite for a reason, it's a little harder than you think if you take a normal strategy. The enemy teams, while they start easy enough, will quickly grow and crush you after enough rounds.

Well duh, get on with it.

Ok! Geez. Basically, the build of choice is none other than a ranger! bounce

You suck. Tell me what to do.

Got traps?


Yes. Yes it is. Get a bunch and put them on your bar, then season with Trapper's Speed. In addition to that, you should bring some type of spirit that won't bug your team but will annoy the enemy. I'll get to those below.

Ok, so what am I doing?

At the start of each round, you have a little bunker/house. It has a door. That is the only way the enemy is going to get to you, so, got any ideas? Right! You just rig the hell out of the door with the other trappers and wait for the NPCs to zombie stomp into them.

Wow, that's too easy!

If it works properly. Problems arise when the enemies are mixed (some melee, some casters), and so the traps are triggered and you have to work to kill the rest of the enemy doods. This is why a team (limited to 4) will consist of 3 trappers and someone else to either help kill stuff or keep you and your trapper keepers alive.

So that's it?

In a nutshell, yeah. If you aren't trapping, you could be a nuker that can get the stragglers that just won't die. A healer really isn't even necessary, unless you are planning on setting a record (which I believe is 40-some odd rounds!).

See second post for buildings.
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PostSubject: Re: Easier Balthazar Faction   Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:54 pm


Staff. Get something with at least 10 energy, but preferrably 15-20. +30 health suggested.


If your staff gives less than 20e, go full Radiant. There's really no rhyme or reason to go armor or health though, enemies are distracted easily.


Superior Expertise
Superior Wilderness Survival
Superior Beast Mastery (optional)
Vigor (any)
Attunement or Vitae depending on how your energy is (with 16 expertise, your costs will be low anyway).

Attributes (headpiece can be either, but preferrably WS):

Expertise 12 (+3)
W.S. 12 (+3)
B. M. 3 (+3) (optional)


[Trapper's Speed] + [Elite Trap] + [Trap 1] + [Trap 2] + [Trap 3] + [Trap 4] + [Spirit] + [Option]

Either elite trap will work. Smoke will be useful against caster groups, but overall, Spike is better.

For Traps 1-4, any will work, and don't bother looking at cost, you'll never run out of energy. Go big and bring Dust, the rest are personal preference. Cripple and Knockdown are most valuable.

Spirits is where you need to pay attention. Every group will require someone to bring Frozen Soil. In my first runs, I found others had taken it, so I didn't need to. If you go, make sure someone has it. if you don't see it, bring it. Be aware that some spirits can bother your team, such as Nature's Renewal. Use your judgment against the enemies you face, which consist of core professions.


The most efficient way to begin is to immediately cast Trapper's Speed, then run up to the door. Get next to one of the other trapper's and start a decent-sized spread. Give out a foot of space to the ranger next to you, but generally group them together. Once you burn through your first set, retreat and lay your spirit toward the back of your spawn. Proceed to trap until the enemy is in range.

Depending on what they are, you'll either back up or stay put. If warriors and rangers come, stay up front and body block. If casters come, back up at the last chance and allow them to come close. Once the traps start flying, rush in and body block, laying your traps. Keep Trapper's Speed up, and do the best you can. That's all there is to trapping.

If you are fire nuking, you have it easy. Bring lots of nasty AoE (Meteor Shower) and use anything to snare enemies. Rush anything that flees and take them out.
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PostSubject: Re: Easier Balthazar Faction   Sat Oct 30, 2010 3:43 am

Orian wrote:
Posting this here instead of the Builds section because it's locked down to only allow Administrators to post (Admins can move this thread if needed).

And then after a few months I noticed this and fixed the permissions. I have no clue why it would default to Administrators only.
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PostSubject: Re: Easier Balthazar Faction   

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Easier Balthazar Faction
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